Slow response

I have a project that is very slow to work with. I click on an object and it takes a second or so for that object to get selected. Other projects I work on are working fine. I just installed the newest version of Storyline today (5/8/19).

I did a Peek video to compare.

I am also uploading the file.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Steve!

Thanks for sharing your file and including a Peek 360 video! That's always so helpful.

I tested your file on my side, and I didn't see any slow behavior. That being said, I have seen that problem before, and it usually happens when working with high definition images.

Check out this quick Peek 360 video I recorded for you, and let me know if those recommendations are helpful. 

Steve Brimley


Thank you so much! That totally solved the problem. I exported the picture, then cropped the image in Photoshop to the size I needed. Then I swapped out the image in Storyline. Slides now work great. Please tell your boss to give you a raise.

It's weird though, the original .jpg image exported to 261 KB. The newly cropped .png image exported at 229 KB. So, the sized didn't seem to matter. It was something to do with how it was cropped in Storyline.

Thanks again for your investigation work. This saved me so much frustration.