Slow response when flipping next and previous


I have a project of 74 pages, no crazy triggers and no crazy graphics. On the finished project (locally and on LMS), when clicking the next/previous button it takes a few seconds for the page to load. Sometimes a second and sometimes more, but in general it feels very slow and heavy. I checked with other colleagues and they all get the same result.

I tried importing the project to a new file and it didn't help. My navigation restrictions is set to "free" and I'm using Storyline 2.

Any advice?



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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing Yaniv :) I published to SCORM Cloud and I'm not noticing a delay when moving through the slides (after I started utilizing the 'correct' next button).

Do you notice a delay with my content:

Yaniv Hadad

The project is in Hebrew, therefor the Next is on the opposite side :)

 And yes, on your content I get the same delay. It's not something extremely slow but still very noticeable, especially when reading ~70 pages.

If you'll look at the top left corner of the pages, there's a page counter that changes on every click but now it's a second (or more) ahead of the page turn which stresses the fact that the transition is very slow.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Yaniv - Sorry for the delay. Thanks for that description, it allowed me to see the issue you were reporting.

I took another look at your file, imported into a new file and republished.

If you click the light blue book first, the course seems to work well. It seems that the issue may be with the way content is pre-loaded in Storyline 2. I know when I was testing I was trying to go from Slide 1 to Slide 65 based on the set-up.

Yaniv Hadad

Hey Leslie, thanks for your reply.

I'm trying to understand from your reply what should I do next. I already tried twice importing the project to a new file, getting rid of unnecessary master slides and unnecessary graphics and nothing helped.

Should I construct my project differently? Please advise.


Leslie McKerchie

I cannot read your course, so it makes it harder for me to advise here :) Is there a way to make the first part of your course more linear so that the user is going through the slides 'in order' (1,2,3,etc) at first while the content is loading?

Importing into a new file changed the behavior I saw immediately when clicking the light blue book since this took me to the next sequential slides. Does that make a bit more sense?

Just a suggestion of course, perhaps someone in the community will be able to better assist with design ideas :)

Yaniv Hadad

Now I understand what you meant.

The project is a library of books, each book explains a different subject and they need to be able to open any book they want in any order. I don't think of a way of using the project in a linear way.

But from taking your input about the way storyline loads, do you know if adding a first page of "loading" that will just hold for 5-10 seconds will help? Will it allow the project to be fully loaded?