Sluggish Performance on SL2

I am experiencing sluggish performance in SL2 that is really setting me back and I would appreciate any help. I click on a object and it takes three second for the object to show as selected.  It's really slowing me down!

My HP laptop has an i7 processor clocked at 2Ghz Windows 10 system with 8GB ram.  I disconnected from the internet and have no other processes tying up resources.  I have SL2 version 11.1609.3020 installed.

I'm in a crunch to get this project out to a client and now I'm pulling my hair out with the sluggish response. I moved the file to the desktop which had no impact. I am in airplane mode and I am not connected to the internet so there is literally nothing else going on.

Anybody got any ideas?  I'm dyin' here!


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Bruce-Alan Barnard

I am going to keep on noting my discoveries here in the hope that it can help others ...

I am encountering the 3-second lag again on one slide but not on most others so far.  The one slide that I am having the lag on doesn't have large images files (only one rather small one).  But what is does have is a lot of objects that link to other scenes. The learner links outs to four other scenes and then is directed back. A variable is used to keep them from advancing until all the object/links have been visited.  When I click on one of the objects that is a link in the timeline, it takes about 3 seconds to show marked (I am adjusting the objects on the timeline to time their appearance).  In fact, just clicking on the slide to open it from the Scene view, it takes the slide about 8 seconds to load and appear (unlike the other slides without all the links).

Could it be that somehow all the links slow the selection of slide and the objects on it?


Bruce-Alan Barnard

The output isn't sluggish at all. It's when editing the slide within the program itself. (Just the one with all the links).  Now that I have that one done, the rest are doing fine. But if I click on that one slide to open it, it takes about 10 seconds to open and then there is a 3 second delay on any object I select to edit.

Fortunately, I only have that one slide to contend with. :)

Alyssa Gomez

Good to hear it's only one slide. I've experienced slides behaving that way because of large images, but not because it has multiple links to other slides. Maybe other folks in the community can share if they've experienced something similar. 

As always, if you get to the point that you'd like to have our support engineers to take a look, you can certainly share your file with them here

Kristi Larson

I am having the exact same problem.  I am trying to build a basic "Pick Many" quiz slide with three photos.  I click on a photo and it takes several seconds to show that it is selected. I try to crop the photo and it takes several seconds then moves the photo wildly.  Same thing with resizing. If I click on the correct and incorrect layers, it takes several seconds for them to show up or change.  I tried restarting the computer, importing the slides into a new program, nothing is working.     Alyssa, based on your comment I am fairly certain it is the graphics because it works fine with one photo, when I add the second, it starts to lag, and when I add the third...forget about it!  I tried compressing my photos (they were just taken with my phone which is old, so they aren't huge to begin with.)  Any other suggestions?

Bruce-Alan Barnard

I was having the same problem when I used images on a slide Kristi ... but do you know what fixed it for me?  I eliminated the styles!  When  I inserted an image and then used the image editor to add one of the Storyline style "picture frames", whenever I worked on that slide I had a lag.  When I went in and selected "no style" on the far left for that image ... the lag went away!

Try it!