Sluggish response time (1-3 sec) on Android platforms


We are developing a human rights course in SL360 for factory workers in low cost production countries that will be deployed on Android tablets and run off-line. 

We are unfortunately experiencing very sluggish performance when navigating between slides and other triggered actions.  This happens irrespective of whether we run online against our own server or simply using the local browser.   We have also tested with an Android smartphone with similar sluggishness. 

However, as a comparison, response times using PC, Mac and iPhone are good and acceptable.

As well, running the course on an Android tablet using the Articulate Mobile Player also shows good performance.  (we cannot, however, use AMP as part of our execution architecture.) 

Is there any known reason why the Android OS should slow down performance? 

Also, as a more advanced question, is there a way to run the output targeted for AMP offline without the AMP itself? 

Thanks! Daniel



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel,

What Android OS are you using and what devices? You'll want to use at least the minimum detailed here, and if it's working well on PC, iPhones, and Macs, I'd look to the specific Android setups. In addition to the OS and device, I'd also suggest using the Chrome browser vs. the built-in Android browser.

If you want to share a link to your course with us here, we're also happy to test it on a few of our own devices! 

Daniel Mensch

Hi Ashley,

Many thanks for the swift reply.  Here are the OS versions and devices:

Mobile: Samsung S9

Model: SM-G960F

Andriod: 8.0.0


Tablet; Samung Galaxy Tab A

Model: SM-T587P

Android : 6.0.1


Tablet: Samung Galaxy Tab A

Model: SM-T550

Android : 7.1.1


So all seemingly well above the minimum requirement.

What are you referring to with looking to "the specific Android setups"?   We can explore this if you can offer some further guidance, otherwise I can load up the quick prototype story file we are using for this testing. 




Leslie McKerchie

Hey Daniel,

I think you nailed it regarding the specific Android setups, and it seems to be happening on different devices and Android OS - and not one in particular.

Yes, please share the .story file so that we can do some testing on our end and if you cannot share here in the forums, you are welcome to share here privately.