Small bug with the Export/Import function

Nov 07, 2014

Hi everybody!

I discover a small bug when using the Export/import function in Storyline 2.

I explain.

We develop our modules centrally always in ENGLISH for the local team to translate into their local language. I advised them to use this function to earn time and be sure to forbid any word inside.

Our standard font that we use for the pedagogy is always "Arial Unicode MS"

However, when translating within the Word file, the font switch automatically from "Arial Unicode MS" to "Calibri" without any reasons ONLY when we implement characters with accents (like "é", "è", "à"...)

refer to the attached file "Calibri"

After reimportation into SL2, the visual aspect is quite ugly

refer to the attached file "Calibri_in_storyline"

Did you encounter this issue in the past or recently?

if you wish to see by yourself, I have also enclosed the word in question.

Thanks for your support in advance











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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julien,

I saw this same behavior - but then I took a look at a brand new file, and my Word docs default to Calibri as that's my default font. Have you looked into that setting on your Word docs as well and changing the default? Or once you've made all your changes highlighting that entire column to set the font (assuming you are using the same font throughout)?

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