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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joani,

Is it only the webex element within your Storyline file that has a resolution display issue or the entire Storyline file when viewed? Did you insert the webex as a video or a web object? Was it set to fill the entire slide within your .story file?

You may also want to begin by checking into the browser and player settings you've included, and test if this display issue is only occurring in your LMS by testing in a site such as SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM content.

Corrine Kuhl

Hi Ashley,

Can you please advise what are the optimal settings and best practices for a Webex recording to not look blurry in Articulate Storyline?  We need to regularly record software product demos in Webex and import into AS, and the screens always are blurry so the text/buttons in teh software product cannot be seen well. 

I convert the Webex .arf file to mp4 at high resolution, but it's still blurry.

What have others done to resolve this issue?  Is there another recording package, other than Webex, that AS plays well with?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Corrine,

I personally don't deal a lot with Webex, so I'm not certain I'd know enough about the optimal settings. I would generally recommend that screen recordings or images are at the same size and resolution of your story size so that there isn't any additional scaling when importing those elements into Storyline. Also, there is a certain amount of video compression that occurs in Storyline - but if you have Storyline 2, you can disable that as detailed here. 

Katie Porfidio

Any updated advice on managing the viewing quality of WebEx recordings in Articulate Storyline 2?  I'm importing as a video file (MP4 type). The player menu font is fine, it's the quality of the WebEx video. I tried changing the player properties to increase the viewing size (scale player to fill browser window) which is better for the overall viewing size, however the WebEx video is still blurry.  I tested recording a WebEx with a different resoluton, but that's didn't help. Any suggestions on how to successfully import WebEx videos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!