Small SL2 icon now generic after going to Update 10

I know, I am late to the party.  Just did SL 2 with Update 10.  The icon in the menu of Windows 7 has changed to generic.  (see attach).  Was wondering if anyone else experienced this anomaly.  It was all fine until I did the update.  Opening and re-saving does not change the icon.  Also using "Open With" has no effect.  It all seems to work fine though? 

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Ali Goulet

Hi Jeffrey- Never be shy about reaching out here, it's always appreciated! :) As Brian mentioned, this an issue that our QA team is aware of and investigating. I don't have any news on the matter, but I've added this thread to report. Since you're subscribed here, you'll now receive updates when applicable. 

Also- just wanted to let you know that when you reply via email, the comment will include your signature. You're welcome to pop in here and edit that info out if necessary! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi all,

I wanted to provide an update here, as Storyline 2 Update 11 was just released, and included a number of fixes which you can see in the release notes available here. The item you all may be particularly interested in is how it fixed an issue where: 

  • Fixed issue where Storyline project file icons would be blank

You can download the latest update here, and after downloading and installing the latest update you’ll want to republish any existing content to ensure that the updates and fixes are applied.

Let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.