Small slide size in modern player

Feb 23, 2019

I can't work out why the slide size in so small in the player when being viewed on a desktop (see photo). Seems to look OK on mobile and tablet devices. Can anyone help please?


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Anne-Marie, 

Happy to help here!

I reviewed the case for Alison and it looks like changing the aspect ratio is what helped resolve the issue. Since this thread is a bit older, I would like to start fresh as we dive in here. A couple of questions for you: 

  • Is the slide size locked at a certain size? 
  • Which Player is in use for the course? 

If you need our help to take a look at your file, we're always more than happy to help! You can share files in this thread or you’re always welcome to share them privately here. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!

Carey Business School Johns Hopkins University

Hi, I'm also curious about the best slide size to design with.

I use the Modern player, and the SCORM will be posted in Blackboard.

Using an approximately 900x600 aspect ratio, one of the comments on my interactive was that it only took up 65% of the screen.  

What size should I use to let the file appear full screen?


Lauren Connelly

Hi Elizabeth!

I'm interested to hear what other community members use as their Story Size! We don't have a recommended Story Size, but we do have a chart that includes what dimensions are added with the Player. Here's the chart!

I'd also check with your Blackboard LMS admin to see if there is a way to customize the browser window size when the course is launched. I know in SCORM cloud that you can customize the browser size so that content is displayed well.

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