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Matthew Graham

SmartArt is exclusive to PPT and is not a feature of Storyline (and may not legally be allowed to be).  You're can copy it over, but Storyline has no way to edit it since it's not part of its native functionality.

There are several other functions that don't work correctly when moving over to storyline, but they may be things they're developing at the moment as native features.

Gerry Wasiluk

Or, if you need your SmartArt animated, be sure you are using PowerPoint 2010.  Create a one-slide PPT of your SmartArt.  Then make the animation to be automatic in PowerPoint.  Send it out as a movie in PowerPoint 2010 (as a WMV).  Bring the movie into Storyline.

I'd remember--this is only v1 of Storyline.  If there's something you like to see, put in a feature request for Articulate's consideration.