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Brian Allen

Not sure what you mean exactly by "smoke test" but the way I generally do this during development is to insert text references for my variables on the slide, this way during review I can visually see how my variables are being adjusted.

Do you have an example you could share of something you've tested in other programs?

Natalie Sikes

Thanks Brian for your response.

By smoke test, I was wondering if there was a way to write a script that could print out an error report for the entire module. I haven't used any programs that have this, but was wondering if this was even possible in Storyline.

I do use references now, and find them helpful. However, I'm having some issues with Storyline 2, and just submitted a case about it. On several of my slides that have conditions, the "OR" conditions were somehow reverted to "AND" conditions after saving the file. The weird thing is that the conditions still show as "OR" in the Trigger Window," but after opening the trigger, the conditions actually show as "AND." In some cases, the slides still work properly, but in other cases, they don't. Even after making manual adjustments to the conditions, the slides still keep reverting back to "AND."

Anyway, I've come up with some cumbersome workarounds for this, but hope this issue gets resolved soon.