Snakes and ladders (it. Gioco dell'oca)

Hi there! Need some help if someone can.

I'm trying to make a game, it's like snakes and ladders. In Italy we called it gioco dell'oca. You have to do a path with some obstacles and you must use dice. Have you heard about that? 

What I need to do is to allow to choose two players mode. And this is easy to do but I can't say to Storyline how to move and stop pieces. The problem is that it seems not to be a system to memorize each position.

I created a single path to move a piece and control it by dice, but this way the movement is attached to the timeline. I tried with layers... doesn't work.

How can I do? Thanks for responding.

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Enrico Matteazzi

Hi there! I solved all my troubles. I do thank you.

Here is my game: That's the italian version of Snakes and Ladders: Il Gioco dell'oca. This is my personal version. Try it if you want:

And if someone has some questions for a game like this one, can you please redirect to this topic? It would be nice to share the solution with other people. Games like this are not so easy to build... :) Thank you!


Enrico Matteazzi

Thank you very much Alyssa! See some other projects here:

Check, for example, my version of the Memory Game. That's a homemade, voices are not professional (it's me!!!), but it makes me smile and the children like it too. They are all made in italian language, sorry, but I'm trying to translate them in English. We'll see...

Have a nice day!