Snap to Center when Dropped

I'm sure it's something super easy that i'm missing but I can't for the live of me figure it out.

Let's say i have an object called SmallSquare (which is a small square) and i have object called LargeSquare (which is indeed a large square).

I add a state called "Dropped" to SmallSquare and I change the size of the object in that state to the same (larger) dimensions of the larger square.

I put a trigger on SmallSquare that says change the state of SmallSquare to Dropped when SmallSquare is Dropped on LargeSquare.

The effect i'm going for is that whe you drop the small square on the large square if "covers it up".

The only problem I am having is that when I do that and SmallSquare changes to state Dropped, the center of the object (in that state) remains in the same spot as when it was in it's normal, smaller state. 

The result being that the SmallSquare in state Dropped does not COVER the LargeSquare, but is offset by maybe 50 pixels (the size difference between the normal and the dropped states)

In case that description was as clear as mud, i've attached an example.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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Jesse Cabaniss

You could always convert the slide to freeform drag and drop and have the dropped item snap to center. If you don't want feedback slides, just delete those layers. You can always get rid of the submit button as well if you want the slide to look like your other slides. If you need screens or an example, let me know. Other than this, I don't know of another way to easily have this snap to center...there could be another way, though

Jesse Cabaniss

I think I know why your example is not working. You don't need to make it into freeform, you just have to change how you resize the shape on the dropped state. Instead of just dragging the one corner out, use the alt key when grabbing it so that it expands in all directions equally, keeping the center lined up where it needs to be.

Helene Sobelman

Ah Ha! That might just be it!

I was in the middle of replying to your first message when this one came in.

I had already tried the freeform odsa to no avail.. because it IS snapping to center.. just the center of the SMALL object.. not the large one.

This idea may in fact MOVE the center... which is what I actually need!!