Snooker Loopy - a little something I put together yesterday

After our first official Storyline 2 Open Enrolment training this week I decided to have a little break yesterday afternoon and built this.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the UK Snooker Championships on the TV and decided that a 'snooker calculator app' would be eminently possible using Storyline 2, I'd intended to build it over the Christmas holidays but got a little ahead of myself so here it is.

It works like this:

  • Click the balls as you pot them (red, colour, red, colour etc then yellow green brown blue pink and black - for those that don't know the game)
  • Use the player buttons to switch between players
  • The remaining score will automatically calculate and change colour when one player has won the frame
  • The 'Miss' button will add points to the other player if the current player misses (there are a few nuances of the Miss rule that aren't taken into account but the most common bits are there)
  • The Next Frame button will restart everything for the next frame

Have fun, and Merry Christmas

Helen x


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Helen Tyson

Hi Ashley,

Pool is probably the closest game the US has to snooker - snooker is most popular in UK and Asia.

The basic rules are to use the white cue ball (not on this calculator) to pot the balls in sequence starting with a red and then another colour. Carry on in this pattern until all the reds are gone, making sure you pot a 'colour' after the last red. Then take all the other colours in order of their points value: Yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black (reds are worth 1 point and the other go up from 2-7). A maximum break is 147.  If you miss a pot play transfers to you opponent who starts with a red, or if there are not reds the lowest value colour remaining, and the winner of the frame is the one who reaches an unbeatable score. You can get extra points through the 'Miss' rule if your opponent fails to hit their target ball with the cue ball and play transfers to you.

I put this together not only because it was a storyline challenge, but because the sport is often played with a pint of beer or two on the side, and my maths can get a little shaky at that point ;-)

And, as for the title 'Snooker Loopy' it refers back to a novelty song released by some of the biggest names in snooker back in the 80's, if you do click the link, I can only apologise if you end up with an ear worm that never goes away...


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Learn something new every day! Sounds much more complicated than pool - or at least the way I play pool, which is hit any ball into any pocket except the cue ball or the eight ball.  Anything else I feel semi accomplished. ;-)

You can do just about anything with Storyline, so thanks for sharing that example and a bit of cultural knowledge with us!