So Disappointing

Feb 22, 2017

Our team was asked to switch to Articulate Storyline 2 because it was so much easier than Captivate 8 and would make it easier to find contract developers. Unfortunately, we really don't need it to be simple for authoring, we need it to be simple for publishing to SharePoint or to our LMS.  Apparently you can't just add the SWF file to SharePoint 2013 and have it launch for users.  You also can't publish HTML to SharePoint.  We could publish it as a PDF to SharePoint but wait...Storyline 2 doesn't offer that.  Now I have to figure out how I am either going to get our Captivate licenses renewed now our budget was spent on Storyline licenses or figure out some way to publish the Story file to SharePoint without having to be a programmer.

Like there wasn't enough stress in my life already.

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Mohammad  Hassam

Hi Donna, 

There are two suggestions I have that can help you stay at AS2. 

  • Publish your course in word and if you are using Office 2016, then you surely can save as PDF.
  • Most companies prevent to upload their content on cloud. If your company doesn't then, instead of spending money on renewing captivate license, create an account on scorm-cloud and upload all courses there. You can also set permissions to access the files and also, add the same link in SharePoint. 

Quick question: What LMS is your company using?

Hope this helps!


Kevin Brake

Hi Donna,

You can use the explorer option from the ribbon bar in SharePoint.

Then open two windows:  One window would be the location of your published out SCORM file.  the second would be the explorer browser.  Then drag content from your PC to the SharePoint folder.

This will get your content on the server, if you published out as SCORM.  You can then link your content from SharePoint into your LMS.

Concept URL:  http://mysharepoint/mydirectory/imsmanifest.xml

Another option would be to use SharePoint as an LMS then you can just upload your finished content and manage it all on SharePoint.

Here are two SharePoint LMS Systems you can consider,

SharePoint Learning Kit:


We switched over from Captivate to Storyline 2 and it was the right decision, primarily for creating accessible content.

Even more options exist...

All the best,



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