SO Frustrated with Next and Previous buttons in slide layers!!

So I put conditions on all of the items I need to have a state of "visited" before the user can click Next.  Now, nothing happens when I click Next.  I love Storyline, except for this.  I HATE this!  I have 7 objects that need to be visited and every time I have to change something, I have to change it on 7 items!!  Can't we just have the disable feature for the next and previous buttons in slide layers just like we do on the regular slides? (From the Story View.)

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David Anderson

Hey Teresa- I know there are some good enhancement requests for the player buttons. It sounds like you know the workarounds for disabling the nav buttons until objects are visited.

Is there any chance you could post one of your slides so we can look at it? I'm just wondering if there isn't something we can set up that would work for you so you didn't have to update seven items each time you make a change.

Also, I don't think I follow what you mean by disabling player buttons from slide layers. Can you say a little more about what you'd like to do? You can disable nav buttons from both slide view and story view, but I dont follow what you mean by disabling from within layers.

Thanks, Teresa!

Tom Kuhlmann

Not sure if this is related to your needs, but if you make a change on a single item and want that applied to all items, you can use the format painter.

Agreed with David. Often there are a number of ways to approach what you want to do. If you want to do a quick screenr or something to show us what you want to do, we may be able to help with some ideas.

Phil Mayor

Not sure I understand you only need 7 conditions on the next button, 

I agree with David there are some enhancements needed, but the Next button is for that slide that is why it is a player control ,layers do not have a next button just the slide.  

I think it would be nice for layers to have a viewed state which can then be tied to the next button and also an easy way to cycle through layers using the next button.

Would help if you can share your slide it may be there is an easier way to achieve what you are after

Teresa Donnelly

Phil, exactly.  Since the player buttons are for the main slide and not the layers, they shouldn't be on the layers.  That would solve all of my problems. 

I can't share the slide because of proprietary information.  I will see if I can re-create it with generic information. 

Thank you all for your help.  :)

Laura Fast

I'd like to open this discussion again. I think I understand the core of what Teresa was meaning, although she is taking care of it by using visited states. It would be great if we could disable the prev & next buttons on layers. I've attached a sample of my situation. I don't want to use forced visited states to allow the user to go to the next slide because it boxes the learner in, but I do want them only to be able to have the option of the prev/next controls from the base slide, not any of the slide layers.

In the attached file, I only want the prev/next buttons to appear on the base slide of Slide 1 (Lifecycle Nutrition) and Slide 2 (Older Adult). On the layers of Slide 2 (Older Adult), I want the user to use the buttons placed on the layer to navigate and not have the option of clicking prev/next (for example, on the first layer "Energy Requirements" I want the "Back to topic buttons" and "Go to activity" to be the only options available to the user).

Is this possible?

Doug Brown

Hi Laura

You can deactivate the buttons (although they will still show)

  1. You could create a T/F variable (NextPrevious) set as TRUE
  2. Set the Next and Previous triggers conditional on that variable being true on each slide with layers
  3. Set it to false as you enter the slide layers 
  4. Set it to true on the buttons that close each layer

See attached modified story

Other option would be

  1. Switch off the standard Next and Previous buttons for the layered slides in question
  2. create custom  Next and Previous buttons  on a custom slide layout
  3. Use that layout for the slides in question
  4. deactivate custom buttons  in each layer
  5. reactivate as you close each layer

Let me know if you need an example of this option

Susan Hanley

I'm rather new to Storyline, but have had the same issue with wishing Prev and Next could be disabled on slide layers.  If I understand Laura's original question correctly, this is the work-around I came up with for my project.  It's a bit easier than either of the two options above, I think.

1. On the base slide (I'll call it #1), I only choose the Prev button to be shown.

2. For all layers on slide #1, I add triggers to show/hide the appropriate (or next) layer when the relevant items that need to be visited have been visited.  Since there is no Next button on the base, there is no Next button visible on the layers and the user cannot advance past this slide and its layers prematurely.

3. I create a duplicate of the base slide #1 (only the base, with no layers), but choose to show the Next button on this one (as well as Prev). I'll refer to this slide as #2.

4.  After all slide layers of slide #1 have been viewed, I add a trigger to jump to Slide #2 (e.g. "jump to slide 2 when timeline ends" or something similar).  This way it looks like you're returning to the base of the original slide #1 which, "voila!", now has a Next button visible, which was not there previously.  Of course, you're really on a different slide, but the user can't tell that.

Someone please let me know if this makes sense. 

Phil Mayor

Susan Hanley said:

It's actually very quick and easy. No variables or custom navigation buttons to program....just "duplicate" one slide, "delete" extra layers, and add a trigger.

It does mean that you are maintaining two copies of one slide though and may cause additional work in the review process

Lori Paschall


I have a frustrating issue with the Previous button and revisiting slides.  

I have a course set up that includes several slides with buttons that take the learners to specific layers. I currently have the slide properties (for each of these slides) set to "resume saved state" when revisiting...because, of course, I don't want the learners to have to wait for the slide to reload every time they are taken back to the slide to click on a different button.  Here is my dilemma:  If a learner clicks on all the buttons on one of these slides, and advances to the next slide, then clicks the Previous button to go back, they are only allowed to click on one of the buttons on the slide, and the slide automatically advances again.  Is there something I can do to correct this, so that if a learner goes back to revisit a slide (with buttons and layers) that they have already visited, they are able to re-click on all the buttons and view all slide layers again, before automatically advancing? This is important for a learner that needs to go back and review prior to taking an assessment.

Key points to keep in mind:

  • I currently have each button on the base layer set to change from a Disabled to Normal state when the timeline ends (so that the learner cannot click the button until the slide finishes).
  • The buttons then change to a Visited state once the learner has clicked on them.

Currenlty, if I click Previous on a slide after the slide with buttons and layers, I am taken back to the last layer.  If I am able to get back to the slide, I am only able to click one button, and the slide advances to the next one.  The same thing happens if I click on the slide title in the menu (instead of using the Previous button) to revisit the slide.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Thank you.