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Tom Kuhlmann

The challenge is in not scaling the image to get the most crisp image you can get. Screenshots are always going to have degradation when you put them in a course unless you don't do any scaling.

What I used to do is set my monitor resolution to as low as I could get it and still see the full UI of the screenshot I needed (the monitor may look blurry, that's OK). Then do a screen grab. It will be crisp and at a much lower resolution. You're not going to get a better image than the one you grab. And if you can avoid any scaling, you'll get the best quality.

I'd ignore the image quality in review because the course is placed in the review window which will scale it. So you'll get a little fuzziness, which you can see when you scale the browser up and down.

I'd test the published version and you'll see that the quality is much better. Here are a few tests.

  • Modern player (when you scale it down, you'll see the image quality degrade)
  • Classic player: locked to optimal size and no scaling. This will be the best image you can get, but it may be too big for some monitors. But the image when not scaled is pretty decent.
  • Zoom feature: if you can't get the image quality you want, you can always leverage the zoom region.
Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jaclyn,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into the same issue.

It looks like we did not hear back Webby after Tom's suggestions.

Were you able to take a look at those suggestions to see if they could help you as well?

We did have some blurry issues that were corrected in the most recent update to Storyline 360 and should be included in the next update for Storyline 3.

Jaclyn Langenwalter

Hi there,

Yes, I did try the suggestions and nothing seems to be helping me. It's odd to me because I've used Storyline software for several years and I've not run into this issue before. The screen size, image size, DPI, quality, etc. it all checks out. I was losing my mind and then pulled the very same image into a competitor's software and had crystal-clear images rather than the blurry images I have been getting with SL. I'm not sure what's going on, but it's certainly not been resolved with this most current update. If you're able to, take a screenshot yourself and plug it into a storyline file-you'll likely find the same issue is bogging you down.

Please let me know if there is a resolution for this. I have a lot to work on being that I have to switch from SL to another eLearning authoring tool. I'm sorry, but the process of sending files back and forth is tedious and I honestly don't have time for that. Additionally, the screens I am using have sensitive information so it is not something I can share.

Thank you for your reply.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jaclyn,

I'm sorry you've continued to have problems with the images and blurriness in Storyline. Our team has implemented a number of improvements within the last few updates, especially for folks with blurriness in Chrome. You'll see those noted in the version history for Storyline 360, build 3.26.18364.0 here.

If you're continuing to have trouble, we'd love to take a look at one of your sample files to better understand the issue and continue troubleshooting with our team. You can reach out to our Support Team 24/7 using that link. 

Also, I wanted to let you know that your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if you would like by clicking Edit beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Tom Kuhlmann

Preview will have a little blurriness since it's a quick preview and the published output should be better quality. 

I can understand the frustration of doing an image capture and not getting the quality you expect.

  • It makes sense that you can't share proprietary images. Can you tell us the image size and the story slide size?
  • Perhaps you can do an image grab of something else (like an excel screen) and publish it and share the link so we can see what you see.
  • Also, share the image and we can test it on our end.

I did a quick test of an image grab with some comparisons and to show how to get the best image quality you can get. 

Storyline is updated v3.26.18364.0

Chrome version  73.0.3683.86

  • Here's a video where I walk through everything in real time.
  • Example 1: modern player
    • slide 1 at 52%, slide 2 at 100%. I just inserted on the default story size
  • Example 2: modern player
    • The image is 1373x733 so I set my story size to match the screenshot size. This way the image doesn't have to scale to fit on the slide. Keep in mind, the Modern Player scales so it will scale up or down in size which will cause some degradation as you manipulate the image. This will always be the case with bitmapped images because pixels are being sized up and down. The only way to prevent scaling artifacts is if the image is a vector image. Screenshots are always bitmaps.
  • Example 3: classic player locked
    • The slide is the same size as the screenshot and the player is locked to not scale.
    • The challenge with locking is that the person's computer needs to be able to fit the course. If they have a low resolution monitor and the course is bigger they won't be able to scale the course down. 
  • Example 4: classic player locked and image quality set to 100%
    • As expected for this type of image, the difference isn't very perceptible.


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