So what happens now???

Sep 29, 2014

So with the new release of Storyline 2, which is Storyline but with all the new great things, what is going to happen to Storyline?

We have been using Storyline for over a year now, we do enjoy the product, however there are many areas and functions that are missing and or not included in this product and many areas for growth.

I am assuming that Storyline 2 answers all those questions and fixes and enhances all the missing areas from Storyline. 

Thus, did we purchase the product for nothing? Are there going to be significant updates to Storyline, or is it going to be forgotten?

What is the future of Storyline??

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Marco Faust


Think of it this way: two years ago I bought a car.  I thought the car was great when I bought it, and it seemed to meet all my needs at the time. 

Now when I look at the same make and model, I notice that they have a couple of new gizmos on it that I would really love to have.  They put some video screens in the back for kids and they added a built-in navigation system.  They also increased the warranty on the newer cars.

When they sold me the car, they did not agree to update the car every time they added new features.  They sold me what they sold me, and I bought it.  In the mean time, I have driven the car a lot and due to the high mileage I would now get a lot less for the car than what I paid for it.  The car still runs and I am going to live without those new bells and whistles.  

I trust you can see the comparison.  I've worked in product development before, and the only way to justify product development is the real prospect that someone is eventually going pay for the new product.  What would justify the expense they go to, to build a better product, if they were going to just give it away at the end?

They do NOT owe us any more improvements.  YES, if the old Storyline is DEFECTIVE (meaning it doesn't work), then they should fix it, just like cars are sometimes recalled for defective stuff.  But the new bells and whistles: Nope, we need to pay for them if we want them.  Otherwise, we have to just live with the existing product that we paid for.  It still works just as well as it did before Storyline 2 came out.

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