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Hello Heroes,

I am designing a personality quiz with the following mechanics:

- pick one word from four adjectives (choices) that describe you best

- there are 20 sets with each answer given 5 points 

- the results will then show whether you are 1. driver, 2. expressive, 3. amiable, 4. analytical by showing the percentages of each personality type. For example, 50% driver, 20% expressive, 20% amiable, 10% analytical. The highest percentage will be the personality type of the quiz taker, in this example - driver

Appreciate your help.

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Matthew Bibby

I'm confused about how you are scoring it. Why is each answer worth 5 points? How are the percentages calculated? E.g., if you have 20 questions, each with four possible answers that are all worth 5 points, how would you get any percentage other than 100% is someone answered all of the questions?

Here is how I would approach it:

  • Set up a number variable for each question (e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.)
  • Set up the answers so that if the user picks the adjective that suggests they are driven, the question variable (e.g. Q1) would be changed to 1 or if they picked the expressive adjective it would be changed to a 2 (and so on)
  • Then when you get to the end of the quiz you would need a series of triggers that counted these responses (e.g. if Q1 = 1 then add 1 to Driver. If Q1 = 2 then add 1 to Expressive etc.)
  • Once those calculations have been done, you can then use a number of triggers to figure out the percentage (see example here).

Hope that helps.


Marvin Biliwang

Below is what I want to achieve. The selected adjective answer corresponds to the personality type. I’m a newbie so I do not know how to set up the variables based on your instructions below. Do you have an example?


Best regards,

Karel Wagner

Hi Marvin, 

I came across your post as i was looking for help with this same exact personality quiz, I'm wondering if you'd be willing to share your finished trigger format. Unfortunately, my company has multiple firewalls which doesn't allow me to see the examples provided. If you are willing to share, I can give you an email address to send it.  I'd appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. 

Katie Riggio

Hey Karel,

It looks like the example never made its way to the forum. Just in case Marvin is no longer subscribed, feel free to use the Contact Me button on their profile page to reference their design!

In the meantime, I found these personality quiz examples. I hope they help!