Social style personality quiz

Hello Heroes,

I am designing a personality quiz with the following mechanics:

- pick one word from four adjectives (choices) that describe you best

- there are 20 sets with each answer given 5 points 

- the results will then show whether you are 1. driver, 2. expressive, 3. amiable, 4. analytical by showing the percentages of each personality type. For example, 50% driver, 20% expressive, 20% amiable, 10% analytical. The highest percentage will be the personality type of the quiz taker, in this example - driver

Appreciate your help.

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Matthew Bibby

I'm confused about how you are scoring it. Why is each answer worth 5 points? How are the percentages calculated? E.g., if you have 20 questions, each with four possible answers that are all worth 5 points, how would you get any percentage other than 100% is someone answered all of the questions?

Here is how I would approach it:

  • Set up a number variable for each question (e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.)
  • Set up the answers so that if the user picks the adjective that suggests they are driven, the question variable (e.g. Q1) would be changed to 1 or if they picked the expressive adjective it would be changed to a 2 (and so on)
  • Then when you get to the end of the quiz you would need a series of triggers that counted these responses (e.g. if Q1 = 1 then add 1 to Driver. If Q1 = 2 then add 1 to Expressive etc.)
  • Once those calculations have been done, you can then use a number of triggers to figure out the percentage (see example here).

Hope that helps.


Marvin Biliwang

Below is what I want to achieve. The selected adjective answer corresponds to the personality type. I’m a newbie so I do not know how to set up the variables based on your instructions below. Do you have an example?


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