Software Demo: How to make text entry accept anything input

I am using the software demo feature to build a "practice" interaction in my online course.  I can't figure out how to get the text entry boxes to accept whatever the end user types in to it.  I don't care what the end user types, and I don't need the program to "remember" it and/or use the entered text later as a variable.  It's just to simulate the process that they need to learn (e.g. a "practice" tutorial on how to enter a purchase requisition, etc.).  I've done the screen recording and turned it into the software demo.  Can anyone tell me how to modify the text entry to accept whatever the end user inputs?  Right now, the end user has to type exactly what I did when it was recorded.  I appreciate any help on this one.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tammy,

You'll need to customize the text entry slides a bit more - and if you're using Try or Test mode they'll be set up as questions instead of just data entry fields. Rebecca offers some steps here on how to set it up to allow the user to enter some text (not specific to what it is) but you'll need to change it from a text entry question type to using the data entry set up.