Software Sim Failing on iPad?

Oct 19, 2014

Yesterday, using AS2, I built a simple software simulation lesson for demonstration purposes. This morning I tested it on an iPad using the iPad player and it fails.

The lesson seems to operate just fine until the user is asked to start the first step. In this case, they only have to select a hotspot on the page. No matter where I touch the ipad, the response is judged wrong. The hot spot is small, but it has to be to appear over just the right button.

Unfortunately, with my simulation, presently, they are then stuck. I need a counter so after so many wrong attempts they are told what to do, and/or moved forward in the simulation.

Anyone else had a problem with the iPad player and a software simulation?



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Peter Hoyt

I revised that first step of the simulation and made the hotspot larger, so it covers adjacent buttons. That seems to have worked. I noticed later in the simulation that I have the same problem where the user is asked to uncheck some check boxes. The default hotspot size created by AS2 are the same size as the object clicked during the recording. I'm guessing I need to enlarge those hotspots when they are very small, so they will work on the iPad.

Can anyone confirm that?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

I haven't seen this yet in SL2 (and it sounds like it didn't happen to you in SL1?). Could you share a bit more about your set up - such as what iOS you're using and the mobile player version? I know we had an issue we fixed in Update 1 of SL2 in regards to  needing to tap buttons twice in iOS8 as described here so you may want to look into that as well and ensure you're publishing with the most recent update of Storyline 2. 

If you're using that update and still having difficulty, do you have a sample course we could take a look at? 

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