Software sim formatting bug in SL2?

Oct 18, 2014

I noticed that when building a simulation with SL2, the default prompts the system generated for the student always included an extra space between the opening quote and the first letter of the name of the object the prompt is referring to. Such as [Click the " Delete button"].

I had to go in and format the default prompts and remove that space on every step.

Is there someone other than these forums to report something like this so it might be addressed in the next update?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

You can always report information here and we'll test it out as well and report to our QA team if necessary. Also, you can connect with our support engineers here who will also be able to test this out and report the status to QA as well. 

I see the behavior you're referring to in regards to labelled buttons and that a space is added to the inside of the quotation mark. Currently there isn't a way to modify how the default captions are generated as detailed here - but there are a few options there on how you could change them. 

I took a look at this behavior in SL1 Update 6 (the latest version) and didn't see the space added, but when checking it within SL2 Update 1 - I did see the space added, so I'll share this behavior with our QA team for additional review. 

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