Software simulation

Sep 30, 2018

I have found this great tutorial, but I need a firm answer: can SL automatically create software simulations from existing videos or do they have to have been recorded originally in SL? The video doesn't cover that.

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Robin Weggeman

If you dont use the word automatic, the answer could be different.

of course you CAN import a video or a screen recording you've made, into SL and release all of the SL tools on it. You'll need to cut and edit the video before importing. SL is not a video editor.

If you want to make a softsim, you'll need to fragment the video as well, so that every fragment, fits into the slide. Its a lot of work,

if you use SL's screenrecorder, all of these things happen automatically.

I think it's not a big problem not to have a mouse in a softsim. Lazy users tend to follow the mouse. Removing the mouse let's them search for the right button.

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