Software Simulation

I'm stuck. I have recorded the software and actions I want and imported it choosing "Step-by-step slides-Test Mode Steps."

The program I am trying to create simulation for uses function and command keys.  When I test it,  by either previewing the scene or publishing it, it doesn't work properly. The function keys that should take me to the next slide instead perform whatever function the web browser or LMS has those keys set up for.

For example, Shift+F1 should take me to the next slide simulating the action of the program I'm teaching, but instead opens the IE help file.

Any ideas?

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Pam Schaw

I feel your pain Sara.  The simulation program I used to use (Datango) somehow got around this problem. Fortunately the software I'm simulating has buttons I can click as an alternative to using the function keys, even though I would never normally click those buttons.  I tried to insert java script to stop the browser from recognizing the keystroke but it didn't work.   If I ever figure out a way around this, I'll post it.