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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Christine,

Welcome to the community

So, first, are you using SL1 or SL2?

Second, are you saying that you HAVE recorded a Screencast in SL already and want to take one of those frames and export to Photoshop? If so, you can do so in SL1, but I THINK I just saw a post somewhere that this wasn't working properly in SL2. Staff will need to confirm or refute, since I haven't tested this yet. My screen capture below is from an older project

In SL1

  1. Navigate o the "correct" slide
  2. Right-click on the slide and select Action Fine tuning from the shortcut menu
  3. You're now seeing the Capture Action Fine Tuning window
  4. Right-click in the window and you'll see options to Export Movie or Export Clip

If that's not what you were asking...sorry! Please shout out with any questions

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christine and welcome to Heroes,

I did want to confirm what Becky mentioned in regards to SL2 not currently allowing you to use the "Save frame (project size)" and the "Save Frame(original size" options within the screen recording and action fine tuning. I have reported this to our QA team for review, and will share any additional information once it becomes available.