Software simulation: Created course, screens have changed, want to save layers, callout text, zoom regions etc


Don't believe there is a solution but worth asking. I have created a software simulation project complete with formatted callouts, layers, zoom regions etc. Is there anyway I can use these again easily as all the screens' fields have changed but not the process. Basically, I need to re-do the show me, try and test screencast and want to easily transplant my callout etc. work onto the new slides.

Many thanks,


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Jane,

It all depends on how you have set up your slides as to how much re-working you will have to do to achieve what you are after.

If you have, for example, placed the screencast on the base layer or a single layer of its own and the other components that you want to keep are on other layers, all you need to do is to replace the old screencast with the new one and then adjust the timings of the other layers to introduce your other components at the right time.

If you have included your callouts on the same layer as your screencast, I would recommend duplicating the layer and, on the new layer, deleting the screencast, leaving just your callouts. Then, on the original screencast layer, delete the callouts prior to changing out your screencast for the new version. That way you will then end up with the new screencast on a layer of its own and all the callouts on a separate callout layer.

Once you have replaced the screencast, you can then adjust your zoom regions to suit as they should all still be on the screencast layer. All you will probably need to do is to select them and then move and resize as appropriate.

Hope this helps, but if you are still having problems, if you are able to share a copy of your Storyline file, that would greatly assist in providing further advice.

Jane Latchford

Hi Ned,

Thanks so much for your help. In this instance, I think it is just going to be easier to do a cut and paste and re-do the zoom regions (I have set up a template slide for them). In future, I'll add all the callouts etc. on another layer. Ah, the joys of being an ID in an Agile environment.

All the best,