Software simulation project

Hi there,

I am about to start a series of software simulation projects and wanted to know if there was anywhere I can view some professional completed recorded simulations. 

By seeing what others can do gives me inspiration for my projects

 I intend to use Step-by-step with labels for the projects,   I want to record  applying Bullets to a line of text in Word, then selecting multiple lines to apply by dragging the mouse, drop down menus, etc. So partly step-by-step and partly video.

Thank you


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

A quick search through the forums found the following threads and discussions that may help get you started:

Looking for creative software simulation ideas

Unconventional simulation example

Tutorial on starting screen recordings

There is also a general Storyline examples page here, some of which include simulations. 

Good luck with your project! 

Ant Pugh

Hi guys - is anyone aware of some really polished software simulations?

Despite hunting through those links above, I have yet to find anything that really inspires me - especially with some form of user input (i.e. there are some excellent tutorial videos).

Anyone know where I can see an awesome example of learners interacting with software?