Software Simulation Resolution Problems


I'm trying to build a software simulation for a web-based CRM-software my company uses. 

The problem is: the output of the recorded screen is tiny and not adequate for training. 

I've recorded the screeen with a resolution of about 1916*934 (basically the entire screen except the taskbar and the browser menu). My story size is 720*540.

Please take a look at the output. Here is the link to the review file:

On the one hand, there are the giant empty white spaces above and below the screen recording. How do I get rid of those? 

On the other hand, there is this large empty black space around the screen recording. Even when minimizing the menu, the screen recording stays just as tiny. Is there no way to get rid of this empty black space and display the screen recording in full screen? 

I hope anyone can help me :-) 


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Ren Gomez

Hi Elmar,

Thanks for reaching out, and agreed! There is a lot of wasted space here that you can adjust to help focus on the simulation. Let's cover each item below:

  1. Player Space: I think the black space you're referring to is part of the player. There isn't a way to adjust the player dimensions, and the user guide shares how much is added to your published output. 
  2. Set your Story Size: If you match your story size to the resolution size of your screen, Storyline will no longer adjust your recording to fit, and you'll be able to remove the white spaces above and below your recording.
  3. Focus only on the Simulation: It looks like there is also gray space on the left and right on the majority of your slides. Is it possible you can re-record only to include the simulation software and not the empty space?

Many of these tips are shared in the article below. I hope this helps!

A Useful Technique for Recording High-Resolution Screencasts in Storyline 360