Software Simulation Screen Recording

I am creating a screen recording for a software simulation in Storyline and am using the Try Mode option.  When publishing the course, the recorded area of my screen seems to be extremely small.  There is extra space at the top and bottom of each screen when I import the recording to my course.  I am recording from my laptop screen which is about 15 inches.  Could this be the problem?  Is there a way to increase the size of the recorded screen before after it is imported into the course?  Below is an example of how my screen looks when it's imported into the course.  Help!

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Andrew Sellon

Hi!  Just a quick guess, and apologies that this suggestion is probably simplistic. Did you use one size for your course, and pick a radically different size (width & height) for recording your simulation screens?  You can choose your width & height settings before you start recording (either a preset, or custom), but I don't think you'd want to try making large alterations to the size afterwards; even if possible, the image would probably not look good.  If this is the case, you are probably better off re-recording with a width and height that align with your existing course.

(Also, a color question: Are you using that red color for all your instruction boxes?  If that's standard at your company, no worries, but usually red signifies warnings for most people, rather than just a helpful instruction.  Have you considered another color, something that gets along better with the purple bar on the web site?)

Sheretta Roberts

I chose a custom setting by adjusting the size of the recording window to display the parts of the screeen that needed to be included in the simulation (entire screeen).  Should I decrease the size of the recording area? 

Thanks for the suggestion on changing the color of the callout boxes.  Great point!

Andrew Sellon

Short answer: yes, I think adjustments are needed before you record.  I think you need to make sure you pick a width and height that will work with your course's width and height.  It may mean changing the resolution of your screen in order to get what you need of the screen to fit within the recording window, but without seeing the file, it sounds like you must have chosen sizing specs for your recording to suit the browser window as it happened to be displayed on your screen at the time, rather than to align with your course's width and height.  Just to test, you could do a new screen recording of one or two screens, with a recording window sized to match that of your course.  Then try previewing that and see how it looks to you.  I'm sure others who use the screen capture feature more often may chime in with other advice, but that's my suggestion.