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Jan 09, 2015

Hello! I create eLearning for a software company. I previously was using Storyline to create my simulations, and now I have just upgraded to Storyline 2. I want the users to click on certain toolbars and items. The last module I created, I used view mode and users triggers for users to click. The problem with that was if it got to the end of the timeline my screencast would play, and the screen would change. I stretched out the timeline for a few minutes which helped (and took a lot of time), but if people stopped in the middle it would freeze and they would have to start over. In the Try it mode the call out boxes are only used as hints if you roll over the correct area. I want them to appear telling the user where to click in the beginning of the screen. I placed my own caption, but it fades too soon, and if I click play until end the "click here" box remains on the screen while the screencast plays to the next screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicci,

If you're using your own captions, you could set their length on the timeline and adjust when the slide  will proceed (based on reaching the timeline's end or where the user clicks). It may help if you're able to share a sample of what you have set up and how you'd like it to behave here. Also, you may want to review the information here in regards to what your options are in terms of screen recordings. 

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