Software Simulations

Just wanted to get some thoughts. 


I create software simulations using various methods. 

1. Using the built in screen recorder in storyline and using The try mode

2. Taking individual screen shots and piecing them together. 


I use method 1 if I have access to the software and have a sandpit to put data in


i use option 2 if I don't have access to sandpit or live versions. 


I find und both take about the same time to polish up


Just wondering how eveyone else does this. 


Also does the recorded screen in storyline essentially create a flash video?  Where I work we have issues with video media being streamed and I find using method 2 helps to reduce streaming problems. 



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Crystal Horn

Hi Mark!  Thanks for reaching out in the forums for feedback and suggestions!  I'm hoping you get some traffic with ideas from community members.  I'd also consider posting your question in our Building Better Courses forum.

To answer your questions,  this article details how videos are encoded in Storyline 2.  Also, you can export your screen recording out of Storyline 2 as an mp4 file.