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Good morning All;

Want to say how much I appreciate the eLearning Heroes Community - invaluable.  I am designing my first course on how to use a database.  I'm trying to create videos of a process using the database.  Having a couple of problems:

1.  If I try to record sound and video at the same time, I don't hear the sound when I replay the video.  I've selected the headset that I'm using from the record screen.  Can't understand why it isn't working.

2.  A bigger issue is the fact that when I try to record the database, the datebase screen itself is much too large (see attached picture).  I can't get the whole image in the recording.  If I do a screen capture of the image, the content is too small to read.  Is there a trick for making this work?  Are these total rookie questions?

Have a great weekend and thanks ahead of time for your help with these questions.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gates!

If you're unable to record narration, it may be that Windows doesn't recognize your recording device or microphone. See this article for more information.

You can adjust the size of your recording window for your screencast. Check out this tutorial. In addition, you can change your story size as well.