Solution for a problem with states?


I'm building a Org chart in Storyline for company with many departments and lots of staff. It's designed to be a quick reference - Something for them that's more interesting than a PDF but not a full blown learning journey.

I've built buttons on the left of the screen for each department, that trigger layers to show the org chart for each one. Then, when you click on a named box on the org chart you see a lightbox slide with a picture and interesting information about their role etc.


My challenge is the amount of people in each org chart. While I can fit this on screen, readability is poor. I've tried changing the state of the boxes on the org chart -creating a hover state that shows the box larger, with larger writing so you can see it. This works fine but the problem is when I preview it, the state works as it should but the org chart box next to the one I hover on is in front and so in the way. I went back and edited the hover state and tried 'bring to front' but this didn't work. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks a mil!

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