some bugs on new Storyline 2

A couple of bugs i've noticed in html5 version of a course published by SL2, playing them into safari for ipad (version ios7 and ios8)

i triggered the next button to be in status "inactive" at the beginning and to change in status "normal" at the end of the timeline (or some requested activity). Anyway, also when in state normal, you must press it several times to make it going to the next screen. the same for the "submit" button into an exercise, so it seems to be due to the button behaviour, this is very very annoying for the user.

Also, pressing the "next" button very fastly, will make you sometimes jump forward by 2 slides

Another significant bug. We triggered the action "restart course" when the user does not obtain the score for passing the final test. In this case, when returning to a quiz slide that was completed in previous attempts, the player custom setup is not kept as the first time (we disabled the seekbar and the prev/next button on quiz slide using "custom player" feature, while in this case the default player shows up. This is problematic because you even can't submit the answer since the "submit" button is missing.

minor issues:

some shapes with texts inside, if set to animate as "grow", in html5 show their full size at the beginning of the animation for a fraction of second, then execute the grow animation correctly. It happened to me expecially with text caption (the round baloon)

sometimes, dragging items on the screen in quiz slides, in vertical direction from top do bottom, results in no drag for the item but moving the whole browser page down (that will come back upwards)

some users are experiencing (not directly me) also the following:

in all quiz slides, the feedback review (red or green rectangle on the bottom of slide quiz) displays at the beginning of the slide quiz, and doesn't disappear. This was experienced in moodle on ipad mini with ios8.

hope this can help

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zio,

Thanks for sharing those items here - there are a few things that we're aware of, and how they don't work as expected in SL2 especially after the iOS8 update:

For example:

You Need to Tap Buttons More Than Once in iOS 8

The issue with animation and the 'grow' setting in HTML5, is something that has been reported to our QA team for review. So I'll add this thread to the existing report so that I can share any updates here. 

As for the other issues you've mentioned, we'd like to take a look at your .story file and know more about where you're testing to see this behavior. As a reminder, the system and viewing requirements for Storyline 2 are detailed here.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gavin,

In Articulate Storyline 1, restricted and locked navigation settings only affected the menu. In contrast, the navigation settings in Articulate Storyline 2 affect both the menu and the player buttons, making it much easier to control the overall navigation for your course. To learn how to restrict or lock navigation in Storyline 2, see this article. 
If you want the next button to work immediately, you could change your navigation method or institute a set of triggers to allow the next button to advance at an earlier point in the timeline (using something like cue points) or set the timeline length to a very short time if it doesn't include audio/video.