Some content not playing on same machine, others do

Jul 02, 2013


We purchased SL to provide iPad viewing and recreated our content in it for viewing via our Moodle LMS.

We know now that it does not work in Moodle for viewing on iPad but we are having several students complain that even on laptops/desktops using the recommended browsers etc are finding some Chapters run fine but others show only a blank page.

This appears to be different Chapters for different students, but the mystery is why only some?

When all are done in SL and all viewed in the same LMS?

Two students have reported they have tried other machines and had the same issue with the same Chapters, but we have not been able to recreate it here  - all Chapters have loaded on our laptops.

Has anyone else had this issue reported by their students and been able to solve it?

Many thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Debbie,

Unfortunately, if it's only happening for a couple of users, it's probably a system-specific issue. For example, if they're not running a version of Flash on their machine that's up to date, this could be causing some of the trouble. It could be a cache issue, if they've viewed the course multiple times. 

Here's the viewing requirements for Storyline courses:

Please note that while it lists Flash 10, there have been some problems reported with content in that version. It may help to make sure they're running at least version 11, if possible.

They can check their Flash version by visiting the following Adobe page:

Find Version | Flash Player - Adobe

You might also want to find out if they're using the same web browser on the machines they're using to access the course. Does the same thing happen if they clear their browser cache or try a different web browser?


Debbie Kay

Hi Christine

Thanks for your reply!

We have given them the list of requirements and they all report they are using them - I will update the info. to tell them to make sure they have at least Flash 11 and see if that helps - thanks for the heads up on that.

The only thing we have not suggested is they clear their cache - I will add that too - thanks!

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