Some questions about a custom menu in Storyline

Heard from an Articulate Storyline user who had some unique requirements for the look & behavior of the menu slide in her course.

Here's what she asked:

1.   I am very new to Storyline but I totally love the tool! I have found the tutorials really helpful, but there is one area that I cannot seem to figure out: Navigation.

2.   I am trying to set up navigation from a single screen. Picture a menu screen containing three blocks. Each block takes the learner a level deeper, to three or four content slides, and then back to the menu screen. The blocks on the menu screen must change state once selected and learners can 'navigate' in any order. Once all three blocks have been selected, and on condition that all the content in the next level of each block has been viewed, the programme must automatically jump to the last slide. Thus, learners may, but do not necessarily have to see the menu screen with the changed states of all three blocks before reaching the End slide.

3.   I have no programming background of the true/false states and variables are foreign to me. If you coulod provide me with a step by step guide in terms of how I can get this navigation right it would be such a help.

(From what I have gatehred, I need to set up a variable for each of the 'deeper level' content screens and then I have to set up a trigger for my menu screen telling it to switch over to the End slide on the condition and all the variables have been set to 'true' or the value 1 ... I just don't know how.)

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Seretha Slabbert

Hi Jeanette, thanks so much for the detailed and swift response - I got it right. The only thing I can't seem to adjust is the redirecting to the wrap-up slide. On your version I get to see the menu slide with both boxes checked, but my version seems to jump straigt to the wrap-up slide, even though I have the player trigger set to the menu slide when the user clicks the 'next' button. Have you perhaps got any ideas? 



Jeanette Brooks

On my version, the menu slide appears briefly before you're redirected to the Wrap-Up slide because I've applied a slide transition to my slides. This causes the redirect to be less abrupt - the completed menu slide with the checkboxes is visible for about a half second, and then the learner transitions right away to the wrap-up. I'd suggest applying a slide transition to your Wrap-Up slide if you'd like to create that same effect. Here's how to do it: