Some quiz questions not working in preview or after published

Sep 15, 2016

I have about 10 graded questions in my module, in different scenes. When I Preview or Publish, only about 50% work. 

They do not have a results slide, as they are just used for reinforcement of the content. They are a mix of T/F, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and Matching Drag-and-Drop.

Their Triggers and Slide Properties look consistent with the ones that do work. I am using "Slide advances "By user" When revisiting "Reset to initial state" Results slide (none) and Slide navigation controls "Submit" and Player features "Player defaults."

What could be causing this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Barb,

Wendy may not be staff, but she's still a rock star in these forums! If you do need to work privately on a file (unable to share it publicly here in the forums) you're welcome to reach out to our Support engineers here. They're available 24/7 and they can take a look at your file and weigh in on any particular issues, concerns or set ups. 

If you go that route, feel free to let me know the case number and then I can follow along as well! 

Barb Leon

Hi Wendy and Ashley. Thanks for jumping on so quickly! I know Wendy is a rockstar! I was concerned about confidentiality of my content to the whole community. I just sent in a ticket to the Support Engineers. I wan't sure how I could send it to you Wendy. My case # is 00888287. I explained my issue a little better in the ticket and I uploaded the .story file.

Thank you Wendy and Ashley!!!

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