Some Storyline Enhancements

What is the process for Storyline enhancements for future versions? 

I've found a couple of easy to fix limitations (yes, I'm a software developer) which it seems would make a big difference if included as follows:

The trigger conditions are only specific to equal to or not equal to.  What seems to be missing is 'contains'.  I have a need to filter out students who are a manager of any sort but I can't do that unless I enter dozens of conditions on roles such as Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager etc.

Data entry fields are currently simply that, fields to enter either numeric or text data.  An easy to implement and yet very beneficial enhancement is allowing the student to select from a drop-down list we provide.  This not only limits the list of responses for us developers but also makes it easy for the students.  e.g. if I want to collect demographics about the student for example whether they are married, living together or single I have to currently make it free-form text but they could enter all sorts of rubbish such as "shacked up" or "lonely" or "under the thumb" which doesn't support what I need.



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Ben Riller

That's a totally absurd procedure for gathering feedback. Oh well, it's Articulate's loss if they require people to jump through hoops just to provide useful (essential) suggestions for product improvement. Incidentally, far from "sound[ing] like great suggestions", the two suggested here sound like pretty fundamental and essential functionality if instructionally sound output is the goal.

Stephen Lee-Burman

I totally agree Ben. 

Another one to include is in the change state trigger... to be able to change a character's pose and perspective, not just the expression.  This would work great on the main topic menu I've built as I want the character to look a certain way first time in and another way when they come back to the topic menu.

At the moment in order to have another pose I need to duplicate the initial layer and triggers which really is a waste of resources unless there's another way I don't know of.

Stephen Lee-Burman

Oh my... I have another enhancement that many developers would be interested in.  As an old programmer in a past life I relied on debugging tools provided by the software vendor.  Similarly it would be very useful to be able to debug the variables values and which triggers are being processed in which order. 

At the simplest level if the Debug Tool is turned on then a simple report is produced after each preview that lists each slide and shows each layer run and each timeline item being displayed or activated and triggers being processed and each variable value as they are changed etc. A more advanced level would enable one to step through the preview one slide, layer, timline item and trigger at a time or placing breakpoints to stop in a certain location enabling one to display and change variables on the fly.

I say this because I'm seriously having a hard time tracking why a particular layer and audio is playing when it shouldn't be.

Steve Flowers

Hi, Stephen -

Even though it appears like you need to add your serial number, the form doesn't require it. The only reason they added it to the form, I assume, is so that they could associate a suggestion with an existing customer. You can submit enhancements without the serial.

For your first enhancement request (which I agree would be brilliant) you could work around this by using some JavaScript to validate the input. Here's one way to get this done. It's a little complicated, but possible.

1) Setup your question slide as a true / false question. Default the answer to false and make the correct answer true.

2) Overlay this question with a shape to block interaction and viewing of the question.

3) Add a variable called something like Q1State, default it to false.

3) Add an input field and a "submit" button. 

4) On the submit button, add a JavaScript trigger to grab the value of your input field and process it for contents or alternate acceptable text. Add another trigger to the butto to submit the interaction. 

var player=GetPlayer();

var inField=player.GetVar("entry1");

var isMatch=false;

//some code to check whether the inField var contains or equals an alternate. Set isMatch to true if there's an acceptable match.


5) add a trigger to the slide level that listens for the change to isMatch. When variable changes, change state of your true radio button to selected. The timing "should" be right to catch the change of state before submitting.

Also agree on your last one. Would love a way to trace through variable changes. I will typically setup my own variable tracking slides for large / complex projects and use a lightbox to pop these up while I'm working through a scenario or complex test. Popping up the box to check the values helps sometimes. Would be great if it were built-in.






This method won't help you in the case of layer / audio troubleshooting. If you have a slide you can post, I'd be happy to take a gander.

Helen Tyson

Hi Stephen,

Just a quick note about being able to change the pose/perspective etc of a character based on their state. Yes. the state is the expression but once you've set the trigger to change the expression the new state will appear in the States tab behind the Timeline and from here you can edit a specific state changing the pose and perspective. In addition you can change any other formatting features you want to including the position on the slide and adding other objects into the mix.

Hope this helps