Some tin can statements not getting posted with mobile player

I have a course that I have set up on scormcloud using storyline and tin can. I have found that the tin can statements are received reliably by the course when it runs on a laptop but not when it runs on the iPad (even though it i on the same wifi network). Using scormcloud's online statement viewer I see that when I submit aseries of quiz slides and then a results slide, the results don't always make it through. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Paul Shorr

Just checking, was there any resolution to this issue?  I have published a Storyline course to scormcloud and it works on the mobile player, and some tincan statements are getting through, but when it gets to submit a results slide I get a "Unable to connect to the server" error on the Mobile player.  The course completion worked on Articulate Online, and one tester reported that he was able to complete.  Wondering if there are any similar experiences or ways around this problem.  I would use Articulate Online but the client has other vendors with SCORM content.

Mark Kizilos

No resolution. The problem is intermittent for me, which makes it hard to troubleshoot. My bigger problem is that it is hard tomake use of the statements that I am sending. There is no good reporting solution as far as I know. Reporting requires a lot of manual work to go from JSON formatted output out to a database. I am now in the process of porting my work over to another technology that will allow me to work more directly with a database. I think my use of Storyline pushed the boundaries pretty far--I used it to create an application rather than an e-learning module...It worked great as a rapid development tool, but not so great for a finished production-ready product.


Paul Shorr


Thanks for the update.  I am finding that I get this error consistently, on what should be the simplest, most straight forward use - a storyline elearning module, with a graded quiz with graded results slide at the end, hosted on SCORM Cloud.  It is keeping the resume data, because I can just log in to the same course on my pc, resume and it posts completion and shows the interaction results immediately.  It is something that appears to be happening just between the mobile player and SCORM Cloud.  For me, it always happens, retry does not work and all I can do at that point is close the player.  Sometimes I get the error during content, but retrying always works.  Frustrating!

I have to submit a case.