some videos do not show in published Articulate project

I am updating a presentation on using a new application. The old presentation worked fine. I copied the old presentation and have problems with the new one.

There are screen capture videos that I inserted as .mp4 files. Two of the videos do not show in the published version. They show in the preview during the edit mode, and they show in the preview that renders in a viewer. But when published, it's as tho they are in a hidden layer... They are set to the top layer.

How can I make these two videos visible? The other ten or so work fine. It's all one scene; the Settings all seem to be the same as in the 'slides' that work; there are no animations or transitions in the problematic video slides. 
PRODUCT: Articulate Storyline

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bob sengstacken

Thank you for your response. I did see that page of the reasons. The odd thing about my situation is that the problem is consistent. Some slides do show their video and some do not. This is a copy of a program did show all videos
So the videos should be good.

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