Somehow a layer is clickable after I hide layer in Storyline 2

Feb 06, 2018

Hi Gang, 

I'm going bonkers trying to figure out why my layer is still clickable after it's not on the screen anymore. 

I have a base layer and 2 additional layers. Super simple project for a lake club here in my town.
When you go to:
New Member Things / Board Member List you can click the names to invoke an e-mail.  (works fine) 

When you click the back button twice and get back to the base layer, those e-mail links are hanging around and clickable. 
It feels like a bug, but I'd love for someone to take a peek to make sure I'm not missing something. 

Hosted Link:

Base Layer

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Walt Hamilton


You've posted the published version of your story, and nobody can look into it. If you post the  .story file, some one can look at it and maybe help.

Try this first on whatever trigger allows the user to leave the email slide. Before (above in the trigger list) the trigger to jump, put a trigger to hide the layer. That layer may be showing, even if you can't see it.


Edit: Just going to another slide does not hide layers, so if you ever have a need to keep a slide in the saved state, close layers before you leave.

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