Something like conditional tags for HTML5

Oct 05, 2014

Hey heros,

some time ago, i wanted one object in a articulate storyline project to be invisible on iphones. It was easy to realize that, because I was able to adjust a variable with conditional tags (if "is_iphone()" is true, change state of the object to hidden, when timeline starts). 

But now I want an object in the HTML5 output to be invisible, that has to be visible in the flash output. Do you know any trick to differentiate the flash and HTML5 output.?

To be more precise: I want to have a transparant retangle above a video in the flash-output - because I don't want the video to stop, if somebody clicks on it. For the HTML5 output, i want this retangle to be hidden, because the users need to be able to activate the html5-videocontros.

Do you know any trick to handle that?

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