Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

Hello everyone.  I have been working on this 3 language project for weeks and there are several issues that I just cannot solve.  I will put one of them out here now...

After choosing a language, the learner is presented with 3 clickable choices of where to go along with a locked quiz.  The quiz should unlock when the above 3 sections are completed.  The issue I'm having is when the 3 choices are presented, I can choose any of them.  If I choose the first one and return to that menu screen, the other 2 choices show the little hand icon, but do not change hover state nor let you click it to move to that lesson.

If you click the bottom one first, when you return, the other 2 are available to click and get the information.  There are no hidden objects.  It makes no sense.  Most of my current experimentation is with English and the slide giving trouble is Intro 10.1.  The languages are on layers.  

And as a bonus problem, the Quiz doesn't unlock, even though the conditions have been satisfied.

I appreciate any help!


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