SOS! Trouble with variables and triggers

So I think I've set everything up correctly...but can't figure out why things aren't working....

I have 5 statements, each with 4 rating options (never, sometimes, usually, always). If the learner selects the lower of the 4 ratings of never or sometimes (even for 1 of the 5 statements but selects usually or always for the other 4) they get a response of 'here are some helpful tips blah blah blah'.  If the learner selects  any combination of usually or always (so the 'highest' of the 4 ratings) for all 5 of the statements, I want them to get a different feedback response of 'you said you usually or always blah blah blah' which should appear on a layer as a shape with text that is an initial state of hidden and the trigger has it change to normal.  

The lowest ratings variables and triggers are working fine.  However, I can't figure out how to make the highest ratings response appear.  I've attached the slide that's giving me fits to see if there's anyone out there that can help me!  There is A LOT going on on this slide, and I mostly likely overthought the whole thing, but I've hit a wall.  I'm sure it's something super simple that I'm missing...but I just don't know what!

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Jackie Bartus

Thanks for taking a look!  Yes, it was intentional.  I thought I was being slick and just using one value for the two lowest ratings (since the feedback was the same) and one value for the two highest ratings (since the feedback was the same).   I considered changing the values to be 1-4 but wanted to see if I was missing something else before I went through the trouble.

Jackie Bartus

David - THANK YOU!!!!  Thank you for taking a look and also for finding the issue!!! I knew it was something simple....we had removed the question that used the angry_assessment variable and I didn't even think to remove it from the triggers and add the pain variable.  Ugh - you saved my sanity and numerous hours of troubleshooting.  This community is amazing!

Thank you again!