Sound before validation slide

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if any of you has a method to play an audio file before moving to another slide.

Let me explain: I created a little game of style: 4 following
When the learner clicks on the validate button I would like a sound of the type: Wrong buzzer sound.

But I can not find the trigger that allows to play an audio file before going to the next slide.

Thank you for your future help.


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Ryan Angelo Yang

Hi Dave,

I'm not exactly sure how you're working your slide or if you're using a standard question slide. Either way, you can use the incorrect/correct layers to play the audio files when the timeline starts. If you're using a customized question slide, you can still create your own layers.

I've attached a screenshot of the trigger I used and a sample story. The trigger is Play Media > When Timeline starts > Insert from Audio File. The audio plays when you click submit on Slide 2 and you selected the wrong answer ('False').