Sound drops out, button behaviors vary, text degenerates, more

We uploaded a Storyline presentation to our staging server and discovered some large errors and strange behaviors.

The staging server runs Windows Server 2008, the problems have all been seen on Windows 7 machines in various browsers.

1. When the presentation is paused or the refresh button is clicked, the sound drops out and won't come back. This is a fairly consistent bug.

2. A button set with "hover" and "selected" states sometimes displays them, and sometimes only displays the "hover" state but not the "selected" state.

3. In several text-heavy slides, we used scrolling panels to display the text. While this looked fine when we published and reviewed it locally, once it was on the staging server, we couldn't scroll the text without the text degenerating: the letterforms seem to be affected by some kind of heavy-handed anti-aliasing that makes it almost unreadable. The affected text is in Calibri, on a layer, and either green or red. On the same slide, text in Calibri in black on the base layer in a scrolling panel displays correctly.

Here's an image of that:

4. Images intermittently fail to load, seemingly at random, so that they don't appear in the presentation. Upon reloading the whole thing, the missing images appear. Different images have been missing for different users.

5. Finally, more trivial but still annoying: on one slide, we can't get the Notes to register multiple line breaks. We wanted to insert some space between the main Notes and a footnote, but no matter how many line breaks we put between the top paragraph and the footnote, only one line break registers and the footnote doesn't move down. This behavior is also evident on preview/publish locally and only seems to affect one slide.

Any insight into any of these issues is welcomed.

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Cheri Coker

Mine is doing that today.  I just published and my sound dropped off some slides.  Then republished and sound came back.  Also, I have the slides prompted to advance to the next screen when clicked by user and all slides are advancing at the end of the timeline regardless.  I'm very frustrated.  I know I'm not helping you, but I don't know what to do.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi AJ,

Just to confirm, you've published your course and then are testing the published output by placing within your server and viewing it there? 

1. How is your audio set to play? When the timeline starts or is it triggered? The rewind button doesn't necessarily start the slide over as described here. 

2. Is it always the same button set that has the state go missing? Could we take a look at this one? 

3. Thanks for the screenshot of this one, I'd also like to see it in action and test it. 

4. Same as above. 

5. If it's just that one slide is there anything else different about it? 

If you'd like to share this project, or pair it down to the impacted slides or a representative sample we'd be happy to take a look. You can share it here in the forums, or I can send you directions on how to share with me directly and you're also always welcome to connect with our Support Engineers. 


You'll want to make sure you're publishing to a local drive as described here. In regards to your slides advancing, you'll want to check your triggers and the individual slide properties to ensure they're both set with an advance by user interaction. 

AJ Summers

Thanks for your answer. Please send directions on how to share directly and/or with the Support Engineers.

1. Audio is set to play with the timeline starts. It's synced up with a series of images. Hitting the rewind button causes the images to replay correctly, but the sound is gone.

2. Yes, it's the same button set that fails to display the buttons' selected states about half the time.

5. Nothing else different about the affected slide as far as anyone can tell.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi AJ,

First, welcome to the community!

I'm sorry to hear that you're still having trouble with this. Ashley is out of the office today, so I wanted to stop by with the information you requested.

You're always welcome to share your project here on the forums, so the staff and community can try to help out with the issue. To do so, you just need to attach your .STORY file to the thread in a response. Use the small paperclip icon in your response to add an attachment. 

To submit a file privately, to a staff member of the community, click on the link that Ashley provided earlier. All you need to do is mention the name of the person you'd like to work with (for example, Ashley or Christine) and the case will be assigned to that person. Alternatively, you can leave the name out and our support team will work with you on the case. If you decide to work with the support team, please try to share the case number here on the forums. This way, we can keep an eye on the status for you and share the solution when one becomes available. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions.