Sound effects on buttons

Asking for some feedback here more than anything.

For all "clickable" items in my presentations and quizzes, I provide audio feedback, a TickSound.  To me it elevates the experience making things feel just that little bit more alive.

But Storyline doesn't make it easy.  If I attach a "tick" to a next button or a button that opens a layer, that audio effect is cutoff even though it is short.

To get around that, I use the method:

1. Button triggers Playmedia:sound1
2. Jump to next slide when media:sound1 completes

This works.  I'm please with the result and have gotten fast at replicating this quickly.


What is your opinion on the audio feedback of clicked elements?  Worth it or no?



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Jerry Beaucaire

The complete solution I now use goes like this:

  1. Create a True/False variable called TickSound
  2. I created a special audio clip I don't use for any other purpose other than "in slide" tick sounds, that is ticks that occur when buttons or radio buttons or checkboxes or clickables are clicked and the result simply occurs elsewhere in the same slide, such as opening a layer, or just enlarging something.  

    I made a unique media and called it TickNULL.mp3 
  3. I placed this audio clip on the MASTER SLIDE(s) along with a trigger:

    Play audio:TickNULL.mp3 when variable TickSound changes
  4. I put this same audio clip and trigger on all my MASTER SLIDE(s)
  5. I put this same audio clip and trigger on my FEEDBACK MASTER, this way the effect will work in layers on slides as well.

  6. Back in my live slides, I simply add a trigger to all clickable onscreen elements:

    Toggle variable:TickSound when user clicks object:x

  7. Now I can copy that trigger and paste it ad nauseum on every clickable on every slide, EXCEPT THE BUTTON THAT TAKES YOU TO ANOTHER SLIDE.

  8. For the NEXT buttons. I created another unique copy of the TickNULL, I used an audio editor to make sure it was just a tiny bit shorter than TickNULL, and I named this one TickNEXT.mp3.

    This audio clip is placed on the slide/layer where the NEXT even exists with a trigger:

    Play media:TickNEXT.mp3 when user click object:x
  9. On the media:TickNEXT.mp3 I add a trigger:

    Jump to NextSlide when media completes: TickNEXT.mp3.

  10. Now that is copied to the next buttons everywhere.

That's it.  Now click sounds occur consistently both within a slide and when exiting a slide.

I also have a TickPREV.mp3 and TickEXIT.mp3 and TickREPLAY.mp3.  I don't want to trust SL to never get confused.  So each of these mp3 is a "tiny" bit different in length from all the others.

And I use them now ad nauseum.