Sound from base layer starts when refreshing another layer

We have a problem.
Sound from the base layer is played if we press refresh button even if we are in an other layer on the same slide. We tried to fix it by setting a trigger to only play sound if a variabel is set to a value. The problem is that both sounds play (doublesound) no matter if the variable are true or false. 

So, what we want to happen is that a sound on a layer plays, and starts over again, alone, when pressing refresh-button.

Any solution?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Henrik

do you have the seekbar enabled and on each layer is the 'allow seeking' set to Yes? Do you have pause timeline of baselayer set?

See this KB article about the layer properties that may help - the section 'allow seeking' and pause timeline of base layer. See if changing those options gives you the behaviour you are after.