Sound in a layer - I don't want it Pause


I have a popup (layer) on a slide with a sound that automatically plays when the layser is shown. When I Close this popup the sound is "killed", which is good, but when I open the layer again the sound continues where it was when I closed the layer. I don't want the sound to be paused. I want it to stop and being played from the beginning again when I open the layer. Example:

The slide holds a question with three answer alternatives (radio buttons).I enter my answer and click on the answer button which opens the right or wrong layer. Each layer has a unique sound. So if I enter a wrong anser the sound for the wrong answer starts. I Close the layer on the Close button Before the sound done. I anser incorrectly again and then the sound for the wrong anser contunues to play from the previous answer. This is not what I want. I want it to play from the beginning.

Would appreciate help!



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