Sound low in Play Preview but too high in the Publish Preview and on Articulate Review

Hello everyone,


First of all, sorry for my very bad English. It's not my native language and as we know, Google Translation is not a very good solution ^^' 


My problem is about one of my audio file (used for the background noise). The original file is too loud and I want to listen the voices (the others audio files) without a biiiiig background noise. So I decreased the sound directly in Storyline 360.


When I click on Play Preview, it's okay, the sound is low, like I wanted it.


But when I click on Publish Preview and when I publish my file on Articulate Review, the sound is too loud again! It doesn't make any sense.


Could you help me please?




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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Aurore,

No apologies necessary - your English was spot on and I understood it all! 

Does this only happen when you publish to Review? Have you tested publishing to Web or any other environments? I don't see any known issues with Review and how that volume is set in Storyline, so I'd like to take a look at your file to do some testing. Can you share a copy of the .story file with us here? If you'd prefer to share privately, you can always send to our Support Team