Sound not playing on HTML5 iOS / iPad / iPhone

Jun 29, 2015


We have a problem with the audio not playing on iOS through our LMS (Learndash).

We use Tin Can and don't use the Articulate player for iOS. We've tested through Scorm Cloud and get the same results.

Looking back it seems that this has happened either in the latest update, or the one before that. The version of Storyline is 5: 1505.515

Does anyone have any ideas - we're looking at going live this week with 2 new courses and this will be a major problem for us.

Many thanks


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Dave Agutter

Just a quick update.

It *looks* like we’ve got to the bottom of this problem. It would appear that different iOS’s change the functionality of the “ringer button” on the iPad. Essentially my ringer “swipe” (not volume buttons) is always set to off to avoid the noises of the click strokes – when I tried to view our historic courses using older Storyline versions this wasn’t a problem, BUT a newer iOS + new Storyline Version + silent ringer button gave sporadic results with testing of our lessons.

With iOS 8.3 and upwards I just need to ensure that our students keep their ringer buttons turned on


Timea Kunvari

Hi Dave,

Your thread was really helpful for me even if it sounds simple to turn the ringer on. The problem is fixed on my ipad now, but I still have to look for a similar "ringer function" that is turned off on my old galaxy 2.

I would like to start my courses with a general technical explanation page for my students and I would include these ringer switch issues as well.

Do you have tips for me, Dave, according to this hidden ringer switches on android devices?

Thanks a lot in advance,


John Everden

With html5 video or audio this is not the case on iOS. If your ringer is
off but volume is up storyline's player doesn't play an audio. If you visit
YouTube you will notice this is not the case and the audio will continue to
play even though the ringer is silenced. I have confirmed html5 audio also
works the same way, ringer is off but it continues to play.

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